Last year's 5th grade Bible class

The third quarter of last school year, Mrs. Mozina's fifth grade Bible class did a service project where they all did chores to earn money so that we could donate/purchase Bibles for the Hope Center children.  The 5th graders were trying to put a Bible in the hands of every child that walks through their door. The Hope Center said they could use about 40 Bibles, with each Bible costing about $5.00.  So Mrs. Mozina's class set a goal to raise $200 to be able to purchase all 40 Bibles.  The fifth grade students did a variety of things to raise this money - some shoveled driveways, some cleaned their rooms, some swept the floor,  some helped out their neighbors and relatives, and some even made items to sell.  They didn't quite reach their goal, but they did raise $100 to be able to purchase 20 Bibles for the Hope Center.  The 5th graders were about to present the money to Derek Hammons from the Hope Center when COVID-19 happened, and we all had to go to remote learning for the rest of the year.  Once school started back up this fall, and they felt confident it was safe, Mr. Hammons came in to share a little bit about how the Hope Center got started, and what their purpose is: to give kids a safe, drug free place to go after school and get a meal. Then, Mrs. Mozina's class presented him with a giant $100 check!  Mrs. Mozina and all of CCS are so proud of these students and their hard work!