Last year we started something new, Christmas Wish Lists for our staff. As a parent sometimes it's hard to know what to buy your child's teacher to show your appreciation during the season of giving. What do they like, what do they need, and what do they really want are all things you've likely asked yourself when trying to pick out a teacher gift. We've tried to take the guess work out of it to make gift buying a little less stressful!

Gifts to your child's teacher(s) are optional. Gifts of your time and talents are always welcome too! Please see our page on volunteering or reach out to your child's classroom teacher to find out ways you can share your time or talents with the class.


Mrs. Darling & Mrs. Tanner - Preschool & 3D Pre-K

  • Art Center supplies (i.e. colored & white paper, cardstock, varied size plain envelopes, stamp sized stickers, peel & stick foam shapes, finger paint paper, dry erase markers, watercolor paint sets)

  • Project supplies (i.e. food coloring, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, pony beads, glue dots, etc.)

  • Gift cards (Restaurants, Amazon, Target, Wired)

  • Post-It Notes

  • Fine point Sharpie markers

  • Papermate Inkjoy gel pens

  • Candy sour, sweet or chocolate (no coconut please)


Mrs. Raudebaugh & Ms. Kidd - 5D Pre-K


Mrs. Teglovic, Mrs. Hamons, & Mrs. Sanford - K

  • Scented stickers

  • Scented markers

  • Playdough (Playdoh brand)

  • Expo markers (Thick black or assorted colors)

  • Amazon gift cards for fun classroom items


Mrs. Heyman & Mrs. Clark - 1st Grade

  • Post It tab sticky notes

  • 24 pack of crayons

  • Playdoh

  • Homemade gifts (food, picture frames, crafts, etc.)


Mrs. Riffle - 3rd Grade


Mrs. Moll - 4th Grade

  • Post-It Notes

  • Paper Mate Felt Tip Flair Pens

  • Coffee Items

  • Gift Cards


Mrs. Kennard 5th-8th History


Mrs. Mozina - 5th-8th Science

  • Office Supplies:  sticky notes, erasable pens, colored sharpies, cute magnets, paperclips, pushpins

  • Class Pet Items: Guinea Pig bedding (fleece liners or pine/paper bedding), food, chew toys, treats, giant exercise ball, cage cleaner, pet carrier for 2 guinea pigs (to transport from home to school), tunnels / items to play on or with, litter box and critter litter, cage cleaner / broom and pan

  • Science Lab & Project Items:  glitter glue, craft items for posters (pom poms, craft sticks, stickers, googly eyes, etc.), wax paper, paper plates, cups, plastic ware, toothpicks, food coloring, thermometers (5-6), salt, baking soda

  • Bath and Body Works Items - any sweet scents (i.e.Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte)

  • Shopping or Restaurant Gift Cards:  Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Wired, Sheri’s, Starbucks, Old Navy

  • Anything with cows!  

  • Fuzzy socks, scarves, faith sayings T-shirts (size M/L)

  • Favorite colors are pink and purple

  • Candy & gum: anything with chocolate, nuts, caramel, mint, etc.


Mrs. Neuberger - 5th-8th Math

  • Homemade gifts from the students

  • Anything with bats

  • Chocolate - Reese’s, Snickers, Hershey’s, Dove, Butterfingers

  • Local Restaurant Gift Cards: Wired, Fu Sing, La Camp


Mrs. Rothhaar - 5th-8th ELA

  • Colored pens for grading (non-erasable)

  • Various colored small highlighters for grading

  • Large Command hooks for the classroom

  • Snack size candy for the prize basket

  • Playdoh for the classroom

  • Grocery gift cards

  • Gas gift cards

  • Anything black and white buffalo plaid


Mrs. Sallee - Individual Student Aide

  • Paper Mate Felt Tip Flair Pens

  • Coffee

  • Chocolate


Mrs. Stamper - 9th-12th Grade

  • Expo markers (Thick black or assorted colors)

  • Full size Clip boards

  • Post-It notes


Mrs. Chandra Hall - 7th-12th Math

  • McDonald's Gift Cards

  • Post-It Notes & Note pads

  • Erasable pens & markers


Mrs. McKenzie - Music & Gym

  • Post It notes & note pads

  • Bath & Body Works lotion or hand sanitizer

  • Tea

  • Books about musical subjects


Mrs. Hailey Hall - Art & Gifted

  • Baby wipes

  • Llama, succulent, cactus classroom decor

  • Flair pens

  • Erasable pens

  • Sharpie markers


Mrs. Hoover - Title 1


Mrs. Reichert - Intervention

  • Amazon gift cards


Administrative & General Staff

  • Paper Mate Felt Tip Flair Pens

  • Coffee

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Restaurant Gift Cards