Special Education

We believe that making special education services available to our students and families is important. Schedule a Visit with our admissions team to see how we can best meet your student's needs.


Intervention Specialist

Intervention is used for students who need extra help in certain areas such as reading or math. Our Intervention Specialist works closely with the students to help identify any academic needs a student may have. Then they find ways to help build on those specific learning needs to help them succeed.

A guide to Parent Rights in Special Education can be found here.

Teacher: Ms. Carolina Shelly


Title I

The Title 1 reading program is designed to help the struggling reader become proficient at his/her grade level.  We seek to build on the skills the student already possess and to help them be successful.  In this program students will focus on sight words, phonics, fluency, writing, and comprehension. Our Title 1 teacher works closely with the student's classroom teacher to identify the specific and individual needs of the student. 

Teacher: Mrs. Crystal Hoover



Brain Brigade is a unique and fun gifted and talented program. Brain Brigade gives gifted students, of all ages, an opportunity to be challenged outside of the classroom with advanced differentiated instruction. During our students’ time in Brain Brigade, they dive deep into a subject to expand their knowledge in a fun small group setting. Each unit of study is unique and gives different students a chance to explore the area of study they enjoy and thrive at.

Teacher: Mrs. Hailey Hall


Special Services

No two students or their needs are alike. To meet this need we offer a wide range of special services of Occupational Therapies, Physical Therapies, Speech Therapies, and Counseling.

Intervention Aides: Mrs. Libbie Sanford