Fine Arts & Physical Education



Art is offered to our students from three years of age up to seniors in high school. During their years of studying art,  they learn to become confident, creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students use the principles and elements of art to create cross-curricular masterpieces. They accomplish all of this while having fun with their projects. Students have the opportunity to master many different mediums to create their artwork. Students use this mastery to eventually be able to create their own unique art projects. Our goal is that these skills will positively impact their learning in every subject area while offering a creative outlet for the students to become artists that can see, capture, and communicate the beauty of what God has created all around them.

Teacher: Mrs. Hailey Hall



In our Music classroom, Mrs. McKenzie puts Christ first because it is the most important part of what she does. God created music and in Music class we will express our love for Him with worship and adoration! We also strive to minister to others as we sing and let God touch people through our music. Students gain an education about music through age appropriate lessons. Music education curriculum includes music theory,  playing instruments, and an understanding of how music is created, designed, and performed. We want our CCS students to enjoy music regardless of their musical talent or ability!

Teacher: Mrs. Tammy McKenzie


Physical Education

Physical Education classes are geared toward allowing every child to have fun. Whether they feel athletically inclined or not, this should not determine their enjoyment of physical activity. Students play games and get exercise sometimes unaware that they're actually exercising. God blessed us with healthy bodies and we thank Him for that as we stretch and prepare for gym!

Teacher: Mrs. Tammy McKenzie