Our History

Our Roots

Celeryville Christian School began in 1931 during the years of the Depression Era. In a time when so much darkness and depression existed, the people of Celeryville decided to shine a light by beginning this school. From a small building down the road to our Preschool-12th grade facility now, CCS has continued to be that beacon of light for the community. Through God's great grace and provision, the school has opened its doors to hundreds of students over its 91 years. Many teachers, administrators, and students have come and gone. However, CCS remains in their hearts forever.

Historical Perspective

CCS has taken on many forms over its many years. A small school building housed its first students. Growth and the need for more academic space led to the construction of the new school building across the street from the church in the 1950s. In the 1980s, more growth led to the addition of a gymnasium, locker rooms, kitchen, library, computer lab, and classrooms. CCS continues to grow and change while still maintaining its mission to educate our youth in the way of the Lord.

The Future

The future holds some wonderful things for CCS! Excitement surrounds us as we look to all of the great things that God is doing and what He will do. Recent upgrades to the school technology plan have allowed for increased student access to educational tools that were otherwise unavailable. We have also tried to utilize new technologies to increase our communication with the community that so graciously supports us in our endeavor to educate the youth for Christ!