Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences occur twice a year, in the Fall and Spring. We encourage each of our families to schedule a conference time with their student's teacher(s). Each teacher has a separate sign up link listed below. If you have any questions please call our school office.

Preschool & 3 Day Pre-K - Mrs. Darling

5 Day Pre-K - Mrs. Raudebaugh

Kindergarten - Mrs. Teglovic

1st Grade - Mrs. Heyman

2nd Grade - Mrs. Heindel

3rd Grade - Mrs. Riffle

4th Grade - Mrs. Moll

5th-8th Grade ELA - Mrs. Rothhaar

5th-8th Grade History - Mrs. Kennard

5th-8th Grade Math - Mrs. Neuberger

5th-8th Grade Science - Mrs. Mozina

7th-12th Grade Math - Mrs. C Hall

9th-12th Grade - Mrs. Stamper