Chandra Hall / Julie Harris - Sr High

Dry erase markers

Frixion erasable pens/markers


Dawn Kennard - Jr High

Lotions, Melting wax, Chocolate, Tea or coffee

Scents and flavors include mint, cinnamon, cookie, caramel, apple pie, orange spice, and vanilla.

Homemade gifts from students (cards, drawn pictures, popsicle stick crafts, clay trinkets, etc).


Persephanie Sanabria - Jr High

Gift Cards from: Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, Target

Celeryville crewneck and/or quarter zip (SM) I only have 2 t-shirts would love some more gear!!

Miss. Sanabria personalized tumbler, Candles, Tape dispenser, stapler, Water sensory toy


Lori Neuberger - Jr High

Gift certificates- La Camp, Wendy's, Fu Sing, Wired Bar, Casa Fiesta, Amazon, Walmart

Anything with bats, erasable pens,chapstick/lip balm, gum (not spearmint), chocolate (Hershey's, Dove, Butterfingers, Heath, Reese's pb cup)


Traci Mozina - Jr High

Gift Cards to my favorite places: Starbucks (or Wired or Sheri's or Dunkin), Bath and Body Works, Kohl's, Walmart, Target

Gift Cards for my favorite places to eat: Olive Garden, Chipotle, Casa Fiesta, Applebees, Chik-fil-a

flavored coffee drinks, hot chocolate, candy (anything chocolate, caramel, nuts, coconut)

mints / gum

scarves, jewelry (I do have pierced ears), items with cows, items with Michigan

erasable pens (all colors), sticky notes, cute magnets, blank note cards, items for my prize box, magnetic borders for my dry erase board, stickers for junior high kids, pictures/signs with verses or quotes on them