family support

We are grateful for the work of Family Life Counseling and the services that they provide for our students. Ms. Chrystal Stover has been our counselor the last several years and she has done a tremendous job of offering our students care for their social, emotional, and mental health. Unfortunately, Chrystal has moved on to another position and we are now welcoming in some new FLC staff. Ms. Susan Wilson will be joining us for the next several months along with another counselor yet to be determined. FLC has implemented new processes that will make scheduling and parent involvement more centralized and will give our students the best experience possible.

If you have a student that participated in counseling in the past, you will likely receive a call from FLC to walk you and your student through the new referral process. They will be asking about future sessions, insurance coverage, and any parent concerns. If you do not have any continuing concerns for your child, you can request to be removed from that referral list. Also, if you do not have insurance coverage, FLC will work with you and the school to make sure your child's needs are met regardless of your financial situation.

Regarding walk-ins, the counselors will be available on Thursdays for students to come in without going through any referral process. They can visit up to three times as walk-ins. At that point, FLC will contact parents and see if they would like to continue counseling and go through the referral process.

We appreciate your patience as we implement these new procedures with the FLC staff. Their continued commitment to serving our staff and students in this manner fills a tremendous need in the overall health and wellness of our CCS community.

Have a blessed weekend!

In Him,

Mr. Bush