Admissions Process

CCS desires to partner with your family to educate your child and help them become a servant for Christ. The following steps will guide your application to attend CCS:

  • Fill out an Online or Paper Admissions Application and return it to the CCS Office Staff with your $35 Application Fee
  • Meet with the school administrator for your Admissions Consultation
  • Take any necessary assessments and/or complete transfer of student records
  • Fill out your Online Enrollment Packet through FACTs and determine fianancial arrangements with school administration
  • The CCS Board of Education makes all final decisions on enrollment

Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, & Kindergarten

CCS 3 Year Old Program:

Half or Full Days on Tuesday and Thursday

CCS 4 & 5 Year Old Program:

Half or Full Days on M, T, W, R, F

CCS Kindergarten:

5 Full Days

Admissions Criteria:

In order to be admitted into the Preschool program, the child must be age 3 by the start of the school year. To enter the Pre-K program, the child must be age 4 by the start of the school year. In order to be admitted into Kindergarten, the child must be age 5 by August 1st and participate in a kindergarten screening to be conducted by the kindergarten teacher prior to the beginning of the new school year. Screening requirements will cover all developmental areas and will include formal (i.e. oral tests) and informal assessments (i.e. observations). Students not meeting standard Pre-K and Kindergarten age requirements may appeal to the school administration on a case-by-case basis to be admitted. All decisions concerning enrollment will be made by the school board, administration, and kindergarten/pre-k/preschool teachers as a team.

1st - 12th Grade

1st through 4th grades offer contained classrooms with a single classroom teacher. 5th through 8th grades offer four subject specific teachers. 9th through 12th grades offer a hybrid of classroom instruction, online instruction via a facilitator, and CCP courses for eligible students. 5th-12th grades are located at the Willard Christian Reformed Church just across the street from the school.